Johan Timmers

Johan Timmers (born in 1954) followed after its middle school training the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. He also gained its competence to give lesson to the Academy of Performing Art in Amsterdam. As from 1978 he works as expressive artist

Subject for this range paintings is the Stone of Wisdom. This is an object which has been assiduously searched for by alchemists in the middle ages. By contact with this stone one might, as it happens, turn unprecious metals into gold.

The idea that one was looking for a means to make gold inspired Johan Timmers to making this art work. At the discovery of the formula to make gold, this precious metal would lose its value, would not it?
Also the Stone of Wisdom would make the owner immortal. This is symbolically presented by gold which never rusts and always remains pure. Mortality by lead which oxidises and becomes dull.

The pictures which Johan Timmers create, still have rooted in perceptible reality and invite spectators to project their own feelings and ideas.