Johan Timmers
Johan Timmers (born in 1954) followed after its middle school training the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. He also gained its competence to give lesson to the Academy of Performing Art in  | read more...
Temple I
untitled_1 (JT501)
untitled_2 (JT502)
untitled_3 (JT503)
untitled_4 (JT504)
Temple II
untitled_5 (JT505)
untitled_6 (JT506)
untitled_7 (JT507)
Temple IV
untitled_18 (JT518)
untitled_19 (JT519)
untitled_20 (JT520)
untitled_21 (JT521)
Stones of wisdom
Stones 1 (JT610)
Stones 3 (JT612)
Stones 4 (JT613)
Stones 5 (JT614)
Stones 6 (JT615)
Stones 7 (JT616)