Ada Breedveld

Ada Breedveld is an Amsterdam artist with the no-nonsense Rotterdam attitude of “let’s get to work”! Her studio is located on Prinseneiland, a quiet corner in Amsterdam. From here, a colorful stream of art work, paintings, graphics, bronzes, etchings and elephants emerge and enter into the wide world.

Ada is a self- taught artist. She never attended an art academy or anything else of the likes. She has been drawing (all day) and painting ever since she can remember. In a 1959 report from the Christian Domestic Science School, her teacher wrote: “Ada should participate more in the lessons and stop trying to draw during the lessons”. Despite such strong words, Ada continued to draw all day long. SInce childhood, it has been her lifelong aspiration to become an artist. Perseverance paid off, she succeeded! Life itself has been her university.

During the seventies Ada started exhibiting her works in Rotterdam where she won a prestigious prize in recognition of her talents right from the start. However, despite her warm reception and recognition in the world of art, it was hard to make a living. Not giving up on her dream, Ada worked for several years as a mailwoman while she continued to develop her skills.

Ada is fascinated and inspired by surrealism - a trend in art where the subjects are not represented by their outward physical appearance but rather through the fantasy of that arises from deep inside us (like dreams). Little by little she discovered her own typical style and theme - "the imposing, present, BIG WOMAN”.